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Meet The Team

Learn about the people who make Origin Realms amazing!

Managing Director

Hey, I’m Ben! As the founder of Origin Realms, my main tasks revolve around planning and organising new and exciting content for everyone to enjoy on a weekly basis. Keeping everyone on track is a busy job, but when I’m not working with the team to make awesome stuff, you’ll see lots of me on the server and the Discord - don’t be a stranger if you see me around!


Austin here! You may know me from my YouTube content, which is a large part of what I do here at Origin Realms. When I'm not working on awesome new videos, I'm helping out in almost every other area of the network - whether it be building, concept and idea development or simply watching over the rest of the team, I'm always doing something!

Art Director

It is I, Samuel! Origin Realms offers loads of custom content, but making brand new items feel as if they belong in the game is no easy task! All of the models and textures you see in game were created by me. I take pride in ensuring everything I do is the best quality down to the very last detail so that you, the player, have the most fun!

Art Director

My name is Wytze, and I’m the guy behind all of the artwork on our social media and animations on the server! I spend a lot of time making sure the art is of the highest quality and that the animations fit in with what you expect to see in Minecraft. I hope seeing the work I do inspires you to be creative as well!

Lead Engineer

I'm James, the lead Technical Engineer here on Origin Realms! Once content ideas have been passed through the team, it is then my job to turn them into a reality. The development behind the server is incredibly important and I try my absolute best to ensure that all types of content are bug-free and running smooth for everyone to enjoy!

Systems Administrator

They call me Michael, and I press all of the buttons! While I don’t develop the actual plugins for the network, my job is to make sure that the servers and technology that the server is running on is always sailing smooth and happy! I work tirelessly to ensure that our servers are as quick as possible and always capable of handling large amounts of players every single day!

Community Manager

Heyo, my name is Sven! On Origin Realms, it’s my job to keep everyone happy, while also making sure everyone can play in a safe environment! To achieve that, I lead our special team of awesome moderators that make sure you guys can have the best time on our platforms. If you ever see me online, make sure to say hi!


Paul is my name, but they call me a jack of all trades. I’m an Engineer on Origin Realms and I work day in, day out developing all sorts of features, ground breaking content and entities! Whatever ideas the team dreams of, I’ll turn into reality. I love diving into the realm of what thought to be impossible, and making it possible.


Jasmine here! The worlds of Origin Realms are something incredibly important, and I’m the one to create the generation of their terrain from the ground up! I take great care in making the worlds as interesting and amazing looking as can be, I hope everyone has great fun exploring and creating awesome builds in them!

Website Developer

Hey, my name is Isaac, and I coded the website you're using right now! Having a great server is great, but you need a special place to keep yourself up to date with the latest news, learn more about the server, and even support us on the store. I love playing around with new technologies to improve your web experience!

Level Designer

Hi, I’m Kylie, and I build many of the structures you see on Origin Realms! When you walk around Origin Isles and its many buildings, or the Resource World and the structures that you can find there, I hope you like the build designs and their level of detail. All of them have my blood, sweat and tears put into them!


Hi all, I'm Sean! I work on various parts of Origin Realms, developing features that bring people together. I dabble in a bit of everything, from trading to talking frogs. I pull code out of my magic hat, adding something new and exciting to the server every time!

Skin Artist

Hey all, I’m Zach! My job at Origin Realms is to give each and every NPC a cool skin and pixel art avatar that you see when you interact with them. Try to find all the easter egg characters I hide in Origin Isles, they might be from your favourite movie or video game! I spend a lot of time making each one of them look great and fun.

Pixel Artist

My name’s Tutta! I’m a pixel artist and am in charge of the art you see on the UI of Origin Realms. Creating large scale pixel art is no easy task, but I work my hardest to make sure the art style is consistent and of the highest quality! I love to work out how to represent all different kinds of models in a pixel art form!

Mod Engineer

I’m Jackson, the person responsible for the small but very impactful Origins Enhanced mod! While Minecraft has its limits, mods have infinite possibility, so I use the power of mods to improve Origin Realms’ player experience! If you’re missing smooth entity animations and all other sorts of quality of life features on Origin Realms, be sure to install Origins Enhanced!

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Here on Origin Realms we think communication is the key to an amazing community. Because of that, we heavily value our Discord and the way it allows us to connect with our favourite people ever - you! Come join us, and let's create our origin - together!

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